If you’re planning to build or remodel your pool in 2016, here are some of the top trends in swimming pools from 2015. From a more sophisticated take on the infinity pool to smart technology to chlorine alternatives, the pool industry is using new technology to improve design, water treatment and management.

Infinity pools: Infinity pools were a popular choice in 2015. In particular, the knife edge pool that produces the effect of all four sides disappearing, compared with just one side in a typical infinity pool, increased in popularity. Once only seen at luxury resorts, this style can now be found in many homes.

Smart technology: Smart technology is coming to the pool industry, including automated chemical tracking solutions that integrate with your iPhone and temperature tracking. In addition, manufacturers now offer automated solutions for heating your pool and running your pump enabling you to save on electricity.

Alternatives to chlorine: As homeowners become more focused on health and reducing chemicals in the home, pools are no exception. While some homeowners turn to salt systems mistakenly believing they don’t produce chlorine, there are new technologies on the market that truly enable homeowners to reduce or eliminate chlorine.

Outdoor living spaces: Outdoor living spaces, including kitchens and living rooms, have been trending for some time, and now designers are incorporating the pool as a central part of these features.

Natural pools: Swimming pools with features reminiscent of nature are increasing in popularity, incorporating lagoons, plants and more. Using a water treatment system that reduces chemicals can complement these types of pools well, adding to the feel that you are swimming in clean, clear, natural water.