The Dorado suction-side cleaner delivers simple, powerful cleaning you can see

and feel. Its unique, Bristle-Drive™ Technology combines with oversized vacuum

inlet to scrub and devour tough dirt and debris from your pool’s floor and

walls, providing complete, trouble-free cleaning.

The cleaner’s 15-inch-wide bristle scrubbers cover more of your pool in a

single pass for fast cleaning. And Dorado’s SmartTrac™ Programmed Steering

easily navigates around pool obstacles for uninterrupted vacuuming of large

and small debris.


– Bristle scrubbers dislodge tough dirt from pool surfaces.

– Oversized vacuum inlet devours small and large debris with ease.

– Cleans faster with 15-inch-wide cleaning path.

– Uninterrupted cleaning with SmartTrac™ Programmed Steering.