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POOL SERVICE & Repair in Miami Dade County

We’re here to make your pool cleaner and life easier.

Complete Maintenance

Weekly pool maintenance

Emptying all baskets

Cleaning perimeter tile

Pool skimming to eliminate surface debris

Pool vacuuming on an as-needed basis

Monthly filter cleaning

Testing and balance chlorine & pH

Brushing walls, floors and trouble spots as needed

Custom Pool Design

It’s time to make your dream pool a reality. Our team of experts will work with you to create a design for your backyard project and then bring it to life before your eyes. We offer complete and customized services for your pool remodel from high-quality finishes, durable tiling, coping and modern pool deck surfacing to elegant water features and lighting. Whether a small cosmetic update or a complete pool remodel, our creative team can provide expertise every step of the way.

Repairs & Remodels



Tile Repair and Replacement

Pool Deck Repair and Remodeling

New Pool Coping

Pool Patio Repair and Remodeling

Water Features

Stairs Update


Water Pump Repair and Installation

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